web-development-company-in-navo-mumbaiIt’s a big question. What could be the best marketing strategy for a business ? Today, competition is very tough. In such competitive market it’s very difficult to decide the best marketing strategy. There are number of marketers and they all are using their own method, their own strategy, their own plan. But who is the best ?

Even I got confused with regards to this. There are various strategies which are being used by marketers. So, what exactly works for a new firm with limited funds ? Actually, big players are also there so they may have their different opinion but I believe that there is no specific method for marketing.

Marketing is not science. It means there is no such rule that if you perform particular task you will get the same results. It means you do not need to learn and apply any formula here, you only need to use and apply your brain. Marketing starts with your thinking as you make others to think what you want them to think.

Marketing is quite similar to a movie. As a marketer is a director, then he also get a content writer, who you can compare with the script writer, there is financier, there is a complete team and then there is audience who are unaware of our movie and our characters. So, here a marketer needs to visualize first that what he or she wants to make audience realize. Then the audience can understand about our product or service and accordingly may decide to go on with our product or service.

Finally, the best marketing practice is the one which works. You need to try different methods number of times and the one you feel which works the best is the best marketing practice. Your best marketing method could be worst for another marketer and yours worst method may work as the best marketing practice for some other marketer.

So, just concentrate on the quality of your service or product and then focus on what works best. Keep experimenting with new ideas. And, the best marketing practice is one which brings best results. So, focus on that.


  • Marketer needs to use his or her brain rather than asking others.
  • There is no specific rule for marketing. You need to create your own.
  • The best marketing practice is the one which actually works. Find out that.
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