Online Reputation Management (ORM)

ORM today is essential for any brand looking to be a digital giant in future or basically any reputed company as a mark of confidence.



Gone are the days where only an ISO certificate was the mark of trust today

if you have hundreds of positive reviews on Google and Facebook it works the same for you if not better a good reputation and its management is essential in building any profitable brand. As at the end of the day today’s consumer has developed a habit of going after a brand first before even talking about the product.

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Features / services

Online Followers

Today page follows and subscribers matter a lot in your effort to make your content more relevant and important.

Positive feedback

Positive feedbacks on multiple platforms like Google and Facebook helps a brand gain a lot of credibility.

Minimum Negativity

Any negative feedback or spam needs to be properly addressed in a proper manner so as not to affect any brand’s goodwill.


Having a blog and regularly posting and commenting on other blogs creates a faithful community for your brand.

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Affiliate Partner allows you to earn and avail numerous services for free.

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