Paramorf Architecture

 Paramorph is an aesthetic website built to create a lasting impression on every pair of eyes to see it. The intricate design is eye-pleasing and offers a very expansive overlook to anyone who needs to understand any project done by Paramorph. Every project is immaculately  explained from ground zero which portrays the hassle free work process Paramorph possesses.

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Fabric Studio

Fabric Studio is an online Laundromat serving hundreds of clients, when they wanted to scale up with their state of the art infrastructure, they turned to us for and all rounder and efficient E-commerce solution. The website now includes an ordering system, membership plans, scheduling custom pickup and delivery slots, custom wallet and all round reporting and analytics.

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Life Care Global Medical Tourism

Life Care Global Medical Tourism is an custom developed web app for their internal resourcing, operations and communications.Here there are up to 5 admin dashboards viz. Admin, Agent, Hospital, Doctor, Patient who interact with each other using a custom made live chat designed according to the work procedure of the firm.

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Triangle Bit

Triangle Bit is a web application for mining and purchasing Bitcoin and Ethereum. The prominent features included real life mining calculator and multiple plans embeded in the company's custom created algorithm

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