Paramorf Architecture Websites

 Paramorph is an aesthetic website built to create a lasting impression on every pair of eyes to see it. The intricate design is eye-pleasing and offers a very expansive overlook to anyone who needs to understand any project done by Paramorph. Every project is immaculately  explained from ground zero which portrays the hassle free work process Paramorph possesses.

The Challenge

 The challenges in Paramorph were more on the designing which was done with immaculate detailing due to the high standards set bu the client. As an architect in every project details is shown openly as in how we have started from scratch to build up every project. Moreover now came they real challenge of loading time due to hundreds and hundreds of high quality images the loading time was enormous. After optimizing all the images special coding was done for speed optimization and page compression along with AMP's for mobile devices.

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Very Nice Experience. Very dedicated and hard-working team.
Dr Paras - Matrrix
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