Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We are a team of dedicated SEO experts ready to augment you site ranking on to your targeted key words/phrases tearing your competition apart.


Ever company which wishes to earn via its website

or gather leads regularly online owes it’s website an SEO and if you think otherwise you’ll really be spending a hefty amount on paid ads which isn’t savvy nor resourceful. SEO is basically the go to for companies looking to wait the extra hour to go the extra mile, as the results are permanent in comparison to that of search engine marketing.

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Competition Analysis

Before we start with any activity it is essential to know what the pioneers from your industry are up to.

Key word/phrase R&D

A near perfect research of the estimated traffic and competition helps us analyze and select the best keywords to generate traffic for your site.

Savvy SEO Gurus

If at some point in time a keywordisn’t performing up to expectation, we take the liberty to change them with the ones which really are.

Regular Reports

You have an update of what’s being going on and the latest improvements in your rank every fortnight.

Affiliate Partner

Digi Affiliate Partner allows you to earn and avail numerous services for free.

Exclusive DigiHost Support

Exclusive Ticket and mail support always keeps you going through any query you have.